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Zodi’X Cigar Lounge

Georgetown, Tx

The latest stop on our retailer tour brought us to Georgetown, Texas where we spent the day at Zodi’X Cigar Lounge. We mixed it up with one of the co-owners, Derek who is the living embodiment of eclecticism and excitement in his passion for the cigar industry.
Zodi’X Cigar Lounge has been a Crux retail partner for over 2 years now, and everything from their relaxed atmosphere to their outlook on life aligns with our values – and we couldn’t be more excited for our continued partnership with them.

The cigar community in Austin, TX is exploding

And Zodi’X cigar lounge is right at the center of it. Zodi’X Cigar Lounge is a spacious smoking lounge with a modern touch. The laid-back jazz and blues music keeps things light; the self-serve bar keeps it fun and the entire crew keeps it interesting by infusing their intriguing style on the lounge and the overall experience.
Zodi’X brought Crux in about 2 years ago to complement their lineup of products, and now they have people specifically asking for Crux Cigars and nothing else.

“There are guys that won’t smoke anything but Crux.”

Right when you walk into their fully-stocked humidor, you’re met with the bright and vibrant deck of Crux that stands out immediately. This positioning in their humidor mixed with the vivid colors has been an internal part of their visual merchandising strategy that keeps paying off.
“When we make our order with [Crux], that order is here in 3-4 days,” says Derek. “Which is literally above average.”

Getting his start – and making his mark – in the cigar world

When speaking with Derek and hearing all the knowledge and stories he shares, you would think that he has been a veteran of the industry for decades. But when he tells you how he got his start from his co-owner Lloyd, and how he drew him into cigars, it sounds a bit different.
“He’s like man, I know you don’t smoke cigars, but come over, have a little drink and let’s smoke one,” says Derek. And from that day forward, he fell in love with everything about the cigar world and never looked back. From their vision to their demeanor and how they proudly represent Crux within their shop – we are proud to have Derek, Lloyd, and the entire Zodi’X Cigar Lounge family as a Crux retail partner.


610 N. Austin Avenue Suite 115, Georgetown, TX 78626 |

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