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Habana House

Austin, TX

With two lounges in North and South Austin Texas, Jim Harrison and his team at the Habana House have written the book on what an inclusive cigar lounge should look like.Habana House Cigar Lounges are family-owned and operated with a unique vibe that makes it feel like you’re going over to your best friends’ house with an open-door policy. It has all the cozy décor, feel and ambiance of an exclusive club, but without the expensive monthly fees. Cigar Cutter Expert recently dubbed Habana House as, “one of the best places to enjoy a fine cigar in Austin,” – and it certainly lives up to its billing.
As a Crux Retail Partner, this premium cigar lounge and retail store has been around for over 20 years – and has been a long-time advocate of Crux since the beginning.

“The local rep Sam drove it home for us.”

Jim HarrisonGeneral Manager

Crux and Tobacco Grove Go Way Back

At Crux, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class customer service and going above and beyond for our retail partners. And this is another prime example of the personal investment our sales representatives make towards establishing relationships with our retail partners that lead to mutual success.
Sam Ventura went above and beyond to put in the face time and develop rapport with Jim and his staff to create a robust in-store presence and help their retail environment thrive.
After we underwent a brand redesign, everything clicked into place for Crux and Habana House. It triggered the beginning of a powerful partnership that gave them a new way to present Crux to their consumers and an exciting way with positioning products in their humidor.
“They repackaged themselves and the comments you get from folks [about the presentation on the shelves] – the icing on the cake is that [Crux] is a really good cigar,” says Jim.

There’s something there for everybody no matter what your taste is.

The Habana House consistently keeps their two shops stacked floor to ceiling with accessories. The amount of inventory, product and know-how they have at any given time is a testament to their years of experience within the cigar world.

“Of all the brands we have ever brought in new, there is nothing that has sold as quickly and climbed up our Top 25 cigar manufacturers as Crux has.”

Complete with thick leather armchairs and couches, this premiere Austin, Texas cigar lounge married a relaxed setting with an unassuming mood for their patrons.
Not only is it a good place to enjoy a cigar – it’s an even better place to pick up your Crux.


3601 South Congress Ave.Suite K300-A, Austin, TX 78704 | (512)447-9449


13729 Research Blvd #1075 Austin, Texas 78750 | (512) 996-8706 |

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