Crux’s retail partnerships are the lifeblood to our business, and the cornerstone to our success.

retail partners

are the cornerstone

to our success.

Part of our company roadmap has always been to back independent, product-focused businesses by developing great relationships and investing in their vision. Crux’s Retailer Partners pride themselves on providing original insight and an individual touch to their expanding communities. We have always been strong advocates to the power of shopping and supporting a healthy local economy. 

And as a small and growing company ourselves, our narrative could not have been written without the strength of our retail partners nationwide. We are honored to be in partnership with such mission-driven local businesses that have enabled us to be a truly generationally defining company.

Retailer Highlight
December 14, 2020

Fox Cigar Bar

FOX CIGAR BAR GILBERT, AZ | SCOTTSDALE, AZ We are excited to announce the release of the newest addition to our Retailer Highlight Series, Fox Cigar Bar. We had the…
Retailer Highlight
September 14, 2020

Michael’s Tobacco

Tracy Spence Michael's Tobacco of EulessTracy Spence of Michael's Tobacco in Euless sat down and explained to us the history of their location and culture. Michael's Tobacco of Euless Gilbert…
Retailer Highlight
June 14, 2020

Open Door Cigars

Bryan Waters OwnerWe had the pleasure of sitting with the owner of Open Door Cigars, Bryan Waters. OPEN DOOR CIGARS Open Door Cigars 4 S. Redbud Avenue, West Fork, AR…

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