A hospitality-centric cigar lounge located in Frisco, TX, Industrial Cigar Co. We sat down with Dave Frakes and learned about one of our favorite lounges – ICC.

Hey, this is Dave Frakes, with Industrial Cigar Company in Frisco, Texas. Welcome to the lounge. Our main point of difference is pretty simple. We took on the approach that we were gonna be in the hospitality business, not the cigar business. Our primary focus is our lounge. We wanna make sure that we are creating and cultivating the cigar culture, and the cigar lifestyle. What people should expect when they come in? It’s real simple. A smile, a handshake, a welcoming into the lounge.

You’ll be followed into the humidor where you’re gonna be asked a series of questions, and make sure that we’re making sure, that you get the best cigar. The right cigar for you, and your palate, and we’re gonna hyperfocus on that to make sure that your experience, whether in the lounge or at home, is second to none.

One of the things that we really were hyperfocus on was air purification. We use state-of-the-art air purification in our system. We are scrubbing a hundred percent of the air every six minutes, and it’s one of the things that when you see the reviews on Facebook and other areas, people always comment how clean the air is. Comfortable seating, we have eight televisions, two projectors, eight Sunday tickets, so football Sundays are fantastic here, uhh great sound system throughout the building, and you know, really just uhh, uhh, a really cool, clean, tight atmosphere. We do business with people, not brands, and we’re looking for people that have honesty, integrity, character, and really focused on making a quality, consistent product.

We’ve carried Crux for three years since we’ve been open. It’s been one of our staple lines. It’s uhh, right in the front of the store, first thing that you see when you come in. It’s a fantastic line. We love it. The relationship that I have with Jeff and Casey is really second to none, with any of the other manufacturers.
They’re just people that you really want to do business with. They continue to make a phenomenal product that more and more of our customers come back to, but as I said earlier, when, when you do business with people, and not brands, these are the types of people that you wanna be involved with. We’re a proud Crux retail partner. Hurry in the ICC, and come in, and get your Crux on.

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