Our commitment to building cigars of the highest quality and craftsmanship begins with only the finest of premium tobacco, sourced from farms large and small. As a result, our cigars have been honored with praise from our peers and cigar fans alike. We are humbled to be in the position to do what we love, and will never take it for granted.


horizontal crux epicure cigar
Smooth & Clean


Unofficially dubbed the Steve McQueen of cigars, this is the crown jewel in the brand. Specifically designed for someone that understands indulgence isn’t a bad thing, Epicure is a true testament to the hard work you put in. With a creamy flow and a clean, caramel finish, it invokes and brings together the five senses making for a legendary blend. Just don’t call it a comeback. 

Corona Gorda | Toro | Robusto  | Robusto Extra | Gordo | Short Salomone

horizontal crux epicure maduro cigar
Subtle & Sweet


Built for the bold, the brave and the original. With colors reminiscent of a 1957 Chevy Bel-Aire, the Epicure Maduro invokes an element of Americana and nostalgia to provide old-school luxury. This is the pure embodiment of when timeless flavors collides with raw imagination, making for a vintage inspired and seriously smooth collection.

Corona Gorda | Toro | Robusto  | Robusto Extra | Gordo | Short Salomone

horizontal crux limitada cigar
Complex & Clean


Appropriately named. Intelligently premium. With only 1,000 boxes produced a year, the Limitada is rooted in exclusivity. Superior with notes of earth and pepper, this Limited Edition cigar has the anatomy of exceptional tobacco. When quality and craftsmanship gets rolled into one, it becomes a national treasure that only makes select appearances during prime time.

Gunner | Red Line | The Show | PB5 | Short Salomone

horizontal crux guild cigar
Savory & Clean


Ahh, true nature’s child. With the weekend warrior in mind, Guild is rolled for those who aren’t afraid to disconnect for a few hours and recycle life’s micro moments with their compadres. With a savory and smooth taste paving the way for a clean finish — Guild is loaded with immense gratification. Don’t sleep on this one.

Corona | Robusto | Toro | Toro Extra BP MH | Short Salomone

horizontal crux bull and bear cigar
Smoky & Sweet


Curated for those that understand hard work and rewards are not mutually exclusive. The defiant ones that never rest on their laurels and work to continually improve on themselves. This is raw horsepower of flavour. With a smokey pull and an authentic experience, it’s as if a lifetime of wisdom were wrapped up in a cigar.

Toro | Robusto Extra | Gordo Marblehead

horizontal crux Passport cigar
Complex & Floral


Designed for the spirit of the travelin’ and ramblin’ man. For those that move to the pull of their own compass and recognize that life is nothing but a daring adventure. The restless wanderers and roamers embrace the mastery Passport offers. A touch of cedar and an impeccable splash of espresso; this is the quintessential companion for those that embrace walking alone.

Corona | Robusto | Toro

horizontal crux DuConnoisseur cigar
Rich & Floral


Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. Du Connoisseur is crafted for the maverick in all of us. For the soul man hardwired to go against the grain, but still staying true nonetheless. Du Connoisseur is captivatingly rich revealing its true glory with notes of caramel and espresso for a restrained finish. Its distinctive shape is the perfect partner for introspective nights and restless spirits.

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4

horizontal crux Ninfamaniac cigar
horizontal crux Ninfamaniac Dark cigar
Crisp & Pleasant


Living up to the moniker of “America’s cocktail cigar,” is no small feat, but the Ninfa does it in stride and with elegance. Regal in complexion and design, the Ninfa is crisp with cocoa and succulent in density. It’s for the unique ones that have an unfiltered zest for life – and are masters of the present moment.

Ninfa | Ninfa Dark

horizontal crux Skeeterz cigar


Who are you when no one is around? Skeeter is specifically crafted to the lone wolf that stands for integrity and mastery of their craft. The outdoorsman that gets the job done. The fearless that flow with an athletic grace. Comprised with premium tobacco, this sweet and small cigar is hand rolled, and not made by machine, which embodies every bit of uniqueness as the iconic figure that holds it.