Our commitment to building cigars of the highest quality and craftsmanship begins with only the finest of premium tobacco, sourced from farms large and small. As a result, our cigars have been honored with praise from our peers and cigar fans alike. We are humbled to be in the position to do what we love, and will never take it for granted.


horizontal crux epicure cigar
Smooth & Clean


Experience more with every draw. One of our best sellers, the Crux Epicure is a labor of love. We searched Central America for just the right leaf that would offer you more flavor and complexity. The result? A subtle harmony of Nicaraguan tobaccos in just the right blend, and a desirable medium-bodied cigar. It’s a sophisticated creamy experience featuring refined notes of white chocolate and creme brulée, with both cinnamon and pepper in the retrohale.

Corona Gorda | Toro | Robusto  | Robusto Extra | Gordo | Short Salomone

horizontal crux epicure maduro cigar
Subtle & Sweet


The time is finally right, and the blend is exceptional. Introducing the Crux Epicure Maduro: A cigar with all the richness and complexity we have sought after. A mature blend of binder and filler tobaccos with a premium San Andres wrapper, this medium-full smoke delivers notes of rich mocha, cedar, earth, and black pepper. It has been designed in mind to pair with the boldest of exotic coffees as well as premium dark spirits.

Corona Gorda | Toro | Robusto  | Robusto Extra | Gordo | Short Salomone

horizontal crux limitada cigar
Complex & Clean


A no limit experience. The key to our Crux Limitada cigars is in its wrapper leaf. A Crux exclusive, this amazing Nicaraguan Engañoso wrapper allowed us to develop five exceptional medium bodied blends. Smokey and savory, the Limitada blend is distinctly superior with notes of cocoa, cream, earth and pepper. Set apart by their quality, Crux Limitada are a series of limited released cigars based upon the love of exceptional tobacco.

Gunner | Red Line | The Show | PB5 | Short Salomone

horizontal crux guild cigar
Savory & Clean


A new standard bearer. Meticulously handmade by our top artisans, the Crux Guild pays homage to the everyday cigar smoker that shares the traditions of the leaf. The result is a rich, full-bodied smoking experience with a clean finish to leave you wanting more. So unite the cigar enthusiasts in your shop, the inner circle awaits.

Corona | Robusto | Toro | Toro Extra BP MH | Short Salomone

horizontal crux bull and bear cigar
Smoky & Sweet


Bold and flavorful, the Crux Bull & Bear is the go-to-stick to celebrate life’s success stories. Designed for the cigar enthusiast who lives life to the fullest, this Nicaraguan puro features tobacco from all four of Nicaragua’s growing regions. Its larger ring gauge is sure to command attention, while the Marblehead™ cap ensures a comfortable smoke.

Toro | Robusto Extra | Gordo Marblehead

horizontal crux Passport cigar
Complex & Floral


The Crux Passport is the result of carefully selected Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is resorted and reclassified for color, oil content, texture and combustion. Add the floral notes to the retrohale and we humbly believe it’s something special. It is another cigar that is designed to satisfy the under served markets of vitola and price in an otherwise crowded humidor. So take a break and enjoy a Crux Passport. We’re guessing you’ve earned it.

Corona | Robusto | Toro

horizontal crux DuConnoisseur cigar
Rich & Floral


Bold with an intense flavor, yet smooth to your palate, the Crux du Connoisseur has been designed to pair well with robust coffees and the finest of spirits. The blend of select Nicaragua and hearty Honduras tobaccos stand out in this cigar. Blended specifically for its vitola, the Du Connoisseur provides our Retail Partners with a lancero that stands alone at the top of the flavor ratings.  The Du Connoisseur No. 2 has been honored as the Cigar Of The Year.

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4

horizontal crux Ninfamaniac cigar
horizontal crux Ninfamaniac Dark cigar
Crisp & Pleasant


The Ninfa and Ninfa Dark were the first cigars in the Crux Cigars portfolio, making their debut in 2014. They quickly became a show stopper due to their distinctive shape, while receiving an honor of the 2014 Cigar Of The Year. Their shape pays homage to the classic 7 x 33 Cuban Ninfa, but with a distinctive twist. A tapered cap and foot. They have become America’s choice to pair with a classic cocktail in cigar lounges across the country.

Ninfa | Ninfa Dark

horizontal crux Skeeterz cigar


Small cigar, big flavor. The Skeeter is handmade from all grade A premium tobacco, not machine made. It takes the best rollers and attention to detail to produce these small format cigars. Their efforts are your reward. Developed for when you have limited time to relax, but still desire a quality stick.