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We believe premium cigars are a lifestyle. So in addition to some time tested favorites, we will strive to offer unique CruxGear for our friends to enjoy. There will never be a better time to goCruxyourself.

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Crux Custom Xikar Cutter
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XIKARCUTTER - Crux Custom Xikar Cutter

Every cigar aficionado should possess a superior cutter. We teamed with Xikar, the leader in premium cigar cutters for this custom Crux Xi cutter. Bold, advanced engineered, and superior in fit, finish and performance. Beautifully appointed with the Crux Cigars logo and Swarovski crystal. Comes complete with leather sleeve. Your friends will be envious. Your cigars will thank you.

Crux Custom Xikar Cutter
XikarCutter Crux Custom Xikar Cutter (Out of Stock) $65.00 Add To Favorites