Crux Sports

Crux Sports


Grandad loved competition and had a reputation as a tough guy. His favorite smoke was the stogie he created from several he collected from the storm drains. Well, with all due respect, if you’re an active tough guy, try a Crux Sports. Just the right size for a timeout on the field or relaxing after kicking everyone’s ass.  CELEBRATE YOUR VICTORIES.

Sports Strength Chart

VITOLA  |  4.625 x 35

This is not a cigarillo or Grandad’s Frankenstein. Made from all Grade A premium tobacco, this tough guy is surprisingly complex, and packs a wallop of combustion and smoke. A careful blend of premium tobaccos result in a very satisfying stick. Developed for when you have limited time to relax, but desire a real man’s cigar. An excellent choice to expand your humidor.