Crux Skeeterz

Crux Skeeterz


Things buzzing at work? Playing chauffeur for the entire stinkin' neighborhood? Chores piling up and no time to relax? Well buddy, now you can relieve these and other stresses with a Crux Skeeterz. The small stick with a powerful soothing salve for life's little annoyances. Go ahead, it won't hurt.  JUST A LITTLE PRICK.

Skeeterz Strength Chart

VITOLA  |  4 x 32

Size shouldn’t matter. Especially when it comes to a premium cigar. So although the Skeeterz is a petite Purito, there is no skimping of quality here. Made from all Grade A premium tobacco, this little prick packs a punch of good combustion and lots of smoke. Developed for when you have limited time to relax with a quality stick.