Crux Limitada RedLine

Crux Limitada RedLine

As part of the Limitada Series, the Crux Limitada RedLine reflects our desire to build premium cigars of the highest quality and value. Not to settle for what may be easy, but to continue to challenge ourselves to push the limits of what a quality cigar can be. We remain driven each day to develop superior blends.

Limitada RedLine Strength Chart

BLEND  |  Undisclosed

VITOLA  |  Cuban Box Press: 6 x 50

ITS HERITAGE.  The Nicaraguan Engañoso wrapper has proven to be an extremely desirable wrapper enjoyed by premium cigar smokers. We are humbled as we are slowly building the story of our Limitada Series of cigars.  Each cigar in the Limitada Series is released but once a year and in limited quantity. The Limitada RedLine production is limited to 1,000 10-count boxes annually.