Crux Ninfamaniac

 Crux Ninfamaniac


Crux Ninfamaniac Dark

Ninfamaniac Dark

Getting tired of simply inventing your stories of conquest? Here’s your chance to hook up with a real Ninfamaniac. Small in ring gauge, but with a lovely shape, Cuban heritage, and always looking forward to sharing a 3-day weekend. Impress your friends with a true vixen.  CAN’T GET ENOUGH.

Ninfamaniac Strength Chart

VITOLA  |  7 x 33  |  natural + dark

The Crux Ninfamaniac and Ninfamaniac Dark pay homage to a classic Cuban Ninfa, but with a distinctive twist. The Ninfamaniac has a tapered cap and foot. They are the only true ninfa 7 x 33 in regular production by any manufacturer in the U.S. In fact, achieving the perfect Ninfamaniac vitola takes an extraordinary combination of skill and craftsmanship. Produced by a single buncher and formed on Cuban mats by only two rollers, they are an example of the highest standards set by Crux Cigars.