Crux Cigar Company

Crux Marblehead

 Inspired by the classic Cuban 109, the Crux Marblehead™ is a tapered and rounded cap with eye-catching aesthetics. This sleek and elegant finish allows the cigar smoker to control the flow for a smaller or larger draw. Additionally, it gives larger ring gauge cigars a more desirable mouth feel. Who among us doesn’t appreciate that?

Crux Marblehead Passport Bull & Bear

Classic Toro 6 x 52  Classic Chuchill 6.75 x 47
Passport No. 4 4.875 x 47  Passport Toro 6 x 48
Bull & Bear Gordo 6 x 60

Guild Toro Extra Box Press 6.5 x 52  Guild Gordo Box Press 6 x 60